Starry Night in North Dakota

I can’t describe it but there is something about getting out in the middle of nowhere in the dark of night and just covering yourself with a blanket of stars.  Its a feeling like none other.  The landscape in eastern North Dakota is perfect for star gazing since the ground is relatively flat and trees are few and far between.  Living in the city you can catch a glimpse here and there but nothing like it is north of Fargo.  I actually grabbed my backpack last night in search of the Aurora.  I heard they might be active last night so I jumped at the opportunity to catch a glimpse of this spectacular display.   Sadly we didn’t see any dancing lights but the star display was definitely worth the drive.  After we missed our original destination, we found this lovely old covered bridge that crossed the Red River.  It was the perfect place to set up shop.  The sound of the river could be heard in the background while fireflies where popping up everywhere.  As soon as I set my tripod up one came up and greeted me as if to say….hello.  🙂   Here are a few pictures from my evening that rejuvenated my spirit and reminded me that the same God that threw the stars to the night is the same one that created me….. pretty cool if you ask me.

IMG_8694 IMG_8692 IMG_8685b IMG_8685a IMG_8674 IMG_8667

One thought on “Starry Night in North Dakota

  1. Thanks again. He flung the stars in space and then allowed us to still see them this many years later. But time is not read in His time table. But He gave us time , the day and night , the 6 days for work and wants us to honor Him with the one day for worship and rest. Then the God of the universe, gave His Son to be our Saviour. Alice

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